Company: Airudi

Sector of activity: HR Tech

Head office: Longueuil

Number of employees: 30

His commitment

Aligned with UN sustainable development goal 3 (good health and well-being)

To contribute to the health and well-being of our employees and reduce our carbon footprint, I commit to starting a pilot project this summer to introduce the four-day work week in 2023.

“The fifth industrial revolution will be one of digital intelligence. We believe it will bring people and machines closer together and create tremendous organizational and social value, by enabling individuals to fulfill their potential.”

– Pape Wade, CEO and Cofounder, Airudi

Putting people at the heart of companies through AI

Putting people at the heart of organizations

Pape Wade spent years managing human resources for a major Canadian corporation with his colleague Amanda Arciero. Their wide-ranging experience left them with the knowledge that many HR tasks are largely administrative, manual, and repetitive, when they should be focussing on people. Together, they decided to raise up their profession and founded Airudi with the goal of helping employees achieve their potential while allowing businesses to create more value. Using artificial intelligence tools, they develop unique software solutions, designed for business, while remaining focused on people.

The AI advantage

The leading-edge technology developed by Airudi – which uses AI and software engineering experts, with the cooperation of Polytechnique Montréal – offers organizations a virtual platform that uses automation to manage the most routine and time-consuming aspects of human resources. This tool also enables managers to support their decision-making processes with analytics. As a result, HR teams can dedicate themselves to employees and their development, well-being, mental health, and health and safety, as well as prevention in the workplace. This shift is a game changer, particularly during labour shortages when employee retention is a priority.

Equity and diversity at the forefront

Unconscious bias is common in traditional recruitment processes – it is simply human nature – and Pape Wade considers it essential that his company’s platforms be free from bias. At the same time, Airudi has implemented a diversity and inclusion policy, which applies to its employees, board of directors, and investors. It has a five-pronged strategy – talent, clientele, technology, investors, and social responsibility. The result: increased diversity at Airudi, where women make up 40% of the workforce and where 50% of employees are ethnoculturally diverse. And this has a ripple effect with clients.

Objective: well-being at work

The fun factor, essential at Airudi, means that employees work in a setting that fosters fulfilment. The company gives them autonomy and shows them recognition based on respectful, caring listening and communication. It is concerned not only about skills, but also about what individuals want when tasks or missions are assigned. Personalized development plans are implemented, and happiness in the workplace is measured regularly through individual interviews and employee surveys. These are concrete ways HR Tech puts people at the heart of its activities.

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