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Our financing aims to support inclusive and diversified ownership businesses that generate positive impacts on society at any stage (start-up, growth, acquisition or succession). Visit the financing page to learn more or fill out this short questionnaire and an Evol resource will contact you.

It is a business run and owned by a person or persons who are underrepresented in entrepreneurship and therefore currently less likely to be in business (e.g., women, racialized people, immigrants, First Nations and Inuit people, LGBTQ2+ community members, and people with disabilities).

Most business sectors are eligible for Evol’s financing offer. Only ethically controversial sectors are excluded. 

Any sustainable development action, initiative or practice. You must be able to demonstrate your intention, over the next 12 months, or actual contribution to at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including: sustainable jobs, innovation, gender equality, diversity inclusion, food production, clean water and energy, sustainable consumption and production, sustainable cities and communities, sustainable infrastructure and buildings, etc.

Once you have your business plan and financial projections in hand and your eligibility has been validated, tell us briefly about your needs by filling out this short form. An Evol resource will then contact you to walk you through the steps involved in applying for financing.

Evol gives you access to an online writing platform. This interactive tool, including videos and explanatory bubbles, makes it easy to write your business plan and is accessible free of charge. 

At this time, there are no grants available from Evol. Financing is offered in the form of conventional loans, which are combined with a complete and personalized guidance service.

A complete and personalized guidance service is offered to women and men entrepreneurs financed by Evol. If you are not receiving financing, you can nevertheless access several tools, resources, activities and consulting services.

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