Company: Coop Radish

Sector of activity: Delivery technology for restaurants

Head office: Montreal

Number of employees: 16

His commitment

Aligned with UN sustainable development goal 12 (responsible consumption and production)

I commit to fighting food waste in the restaurant industry and reducing the use of raw materials, such as single-use plastic.

“By mutualizing the needs of the restaurant industry, we hope to ensure the resilience, sustainability, and diversity of individuals and businesses.”

– Mansib Rahman, Cofounder and CEO, Coop Radish

A techpreneur offers Montreal restaurants an environmentally responsible delivery platform

Two passions, one vision

Delivery mega-apps, with their strict business models that often impose prohibitive costs on restaurant owners, are the product of a handful of conglomerates. Mansib Rahman spent his youth in the kitchens of his father’s restaurants at his computer learning to code. Working for SMEs and tech giants like Microsoft while launching his own restaurants, he acquired the knowledge to respond to the needs of restaurant owners. Based on his experience, he developed a cooperative delivery platform that mutualizes the needs of businesses and members of the local restaurant industry.

The member advantage

Coop Radish gives restaurants innovative technology, marketing, logistics, and human resources management solutions so they can focus on their craft and their clients. The coop, which connects consumers and people who work in restaurants and delivery services, handles order taking and delivery in most central neighbourhoods of Montréal. Unlike other delivery platforms, Coop Radish hires and trains its own delivery team, promoting job security and guaranteeing superior quality delivery. Restaurants pay a commission, but receive an annual rebate based on the use of the platform. Consumers don’t pay a delivery charge. It’s win-win!

A united, diversified team treated with respect

The cooperative platform offers its delivery staff stable jobs, which is rare in this sector of activity. It also enables people from underprivileged environments to do internships that teach them how different facets of the organization work – delivery, marketing, software development – while pursuing their studies. Finally, Radish revised the traditional criteria for technology jobs, and offers training and mentoring instead. It is an egalitarian approach that fosters skills upgrades, regardless of the sociodemographic profile of candidates.

The future is cargo bikes

After two years in operation, the cooperative started using electric cargo bikes to minimize greenhouse emissions. This low-carbon vehicle is ideal to address issues of traffic and construction, and better adapted to circulate in narrow streets and alleys in some neighbourhoods of Montréal. Coop Radish plans to increase its fleet and is working on developing a green transition software to optimize cargo bike delivery over the last kilometre.

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