Géraldine Martin appointed CEO of Evol

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Montreal, May 16, 2023. The board of directors of Evol is pleased to announce the appointment of Géraldine Martin as CEO appointed after a rigorous selection process.

With over 25 years of experience in management, entrepreneurship, economic development and communications in the business community, Géraldine Martin has distinguished herself for her many accomplishments and the personal qualities and values she embodies, which are central to Evol’s mission. Among her recent accomplishments, Ms. Martin launched many aid programs for entrepreneurs, such as the open innovation program at the Ville de Montréal. This program enables emerging businesses to test innovative solutions in a business context in partnership with established organizations and is designed to support projects that will have an impact on the sustainable transformation of Montreal.

“We had the mandate to select a high-calibre candidate to pursue Evol’s mission to support the development of diversified, inclusive entrepreneurship in the 17 regions of Quebec, specifically businesses that want to have a positive impact on society,” said Alain-Olivier Desbois, interim Chair of the Board. “With the firm belief that entrepreneurship is both an economic and social lever and with impressive, varied, and complementary experience, Géraldine Martin was clearly the perfect person for the job. Plus, with her participative leadership style focused on trust and collaboration, we are confident she will preserve Evol’s unique Opal culture.”

With a master’s degree in finance from Université Paris II Assas and a passion for communications, Géraldine Martin combined her two distinctive strengths and quickly carved out a place for herself in financial communications. With recognized media experience since her 2000 arrival in Quebec, in 2013 Géraldine Martin became the first woman in the history of the newspaper Les Affaires to be appointed editor-in-chief. She then tackled the challenge of creating the first entrepreneurship directorate with the Ville de Montréal, a position she held until joining Evol. She will assume her duties on June 12.

“I couldn’t be more enthusiastic to be joining the Evol team,” Géraldine Martin said. “The organization’s mission is a great source of inspiration to me, particularly the idea of having a positive impact on society while fostering diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Throughout my career, I wanted to make a big difference to the trajectory of entrepreneurs. To work in a Quebec-wide organization that combines economic and social considerations is fully in line with my values.”

The board of directors would like to thank the Evol team and particularly Chantal Thieblin Goffoz and Vicky Marchand, who have been working in an interim capacity since the beginning of March and who will continue to do so until the new CEO assumes her duties on June 12.


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