Evol team gets involved: $12,000 raised for Centraide

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On March 14, Evol employees, gathered in Sherbrooke for the occasion, had the honor of presenting an impressive donation of $12,000 to Centraide.

Centraide is a charitable organization that supports other community-based organizations aspiring to provide the essential basic needs, support the success of young people, breaking social isolation and building unifying living environments. Thus, the Centraide’s actions, being locally driven, are aligned with the real needs of the community allowing the overall ecosystem to thrive.

As inflation hit an all-time high in 2022, the challenges faced by low- and middle-income people to absorb the rising costs of food, electricity, or housing increased accordingly.

In fact, in Quebec, one million people are affected daily by poverty and exclusion.

Moreover, at Evol, we also see that financial insecurity is increasingly felt among the entrepreneurs we support.

However, the transition from Femmessor to Evol was accompanied by the desire to transform the economy to become more inclusive, equitable and more sustainable. Under these conditions, there is no doubt that our organizational values ​​of empathy and inclusion were directly impacted.

Concerned by the situation, Evol, through the contributions of its team members, decided to take action to make a difference in the community and to join Centraide’s 2022 Entraide campaign.

This organization was chosen with care, for the second consecutive year, and for several reasons. In addition to its notoriety, Centraide notably offers the possibility of making donations in the form of deduction at source. This is a simple and easy way to contribute to the cause while encouraging group participation.

Thus, by making a donation each pay period, the employees and the organization raised the impressive sum of $12,000.

Contributing to the well-being of our community feels good, and it benefits everyone!